Sea Point High

"#BetheDream Program beneficiary 2016"

#BetheDream - Dream Factory Foundation

Well, Dream Factory Foundation has opened my eyes. It has made me realize that dreams are not to be chased, because when you chase something, it's far from you, but my dreams are with me already.
A journey to self discovery...
One thing I will never foget was: "You don't wait for a perfect moment. You take the moment and make it right yourself becuase that perfect moment you are waiting for just might not come."

Zipho Falekha

Honors Student UCT

"#BetheDream Program Facilitator 2016"

#BetheDream - Dream Factory Foundation

I have become a more determined person and one that is able to see a lot of potential in others. I have become very dream concious and more positive about life and the future.

Mzungawi Mizo Maclean

Dream Factory Foundation Staff

"#BetheDream Program Facilitator 2016"

#BetheDream - Dream Factory Foundation

I learnt that life is going to throw punches at you and it is about looking at them from a positive perspective. They are for your edification and strengthening.

Ms Charline Little

Vista High School - Principal

"#BetheDream Partnering School Principal"

#BetheDream - Dream Factory Foundation

We have been working with Dream Factory Foundation. Our relationship with Dream Factory Foundation is on-going. Our kids always look forward to the #BeTheDream program on a Friday. I am impressed with your After-School Programme after the kids have left Matric. So, well done to you guys.

Bernd Markus Werner

Project Manager Assistant

"Dream Factory Foundation Volunteer from Germany"

#BetheDream - Dream Factory Foundation

I’ve been working with Dream Factory Foundation for only three months and yet it has already been an amazing journey. The people I work with are incredibly talented and have taught me so much already. I am thrilled to work with the organization because I see the impact of our work after every school session or workshop. You see those young people leave recognizing that their mindsets have been improved with the will to achieve their dreams.