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Through our innovative programs, we connect young people to caring mentors, our future-focused Dream Tool-Kit and further opportunities that increase their knowledge of and access to tertiary, entrepreneurial and employment opportunities where they can actualize their dreams.


Our Model

Our Programs

Current research reveals that programs which encourage learners to develop a positive view of their future prospects, and what they must do to achieve realistic goals are important in addressing and preventing school dropouts (Hartnack 2017:15). To this end, we run three projects, namely: #BetheDream, Emergent Academy and #AdoptAclass which we further discuss below:


  • 300

    learners per week.

  • 775%

    increase in learner attendance.

  • 90%

    completion rate.

We have developed a Dream Tool Kit curriculum to aid the facilitation of our flagship program: #BetheDream. The program has been recognised by the Western Cape Department of Education as an After School Programme at targeted schools. Through a network of trained youth facilitators, our impact rate is beyond 300 learners per week. Our activities also include career-guidance, academic tutoring, job-shadowing and mentoring. We have also integrated Menstrual Hygiene Education into our program which includes learners receiving free menstrual cups donated by Intimina.

The Emergent Academy

  • 44

    participants to date.

  • 94%

    received post-internship opportunities.

  • 87.5%

    gained relevant skills for work.

The Emergent Academy bridges the gap between unemployed youth to a state of being employable. During the six month program students are trained with basic coding and digital skills; provided with tools on how to start an entrepreneurial venture and work experience as school facilitators.


  • 23

    participants in 2017.

  • 68%

    excelled in mathematics.

  • 91.3%

    retention rate.

The #AdoptAclass tutorial model has proved with time to have been a game-changer in the life of a student. The program has been crafted to provoke the imaginative eye of a learner to see beyond the current environment that perhaps contributes to his/her poor academic perfomance and dares the scholar to envision the possibility to become the manifestion of his or her dream through academic exceptionalism. We have colaborated with PwC to ensure the success of this program and look forward to your involvement as a corporate entity.


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