It began towards the end of 2011, when the founders, Lusanda Gwayi and Laurian Nortje were working in under-resourced schools in the Western Cape and were confronted with the realities of lack of access to quality education, high levels of unemployment, lack of exposure to sustainable livelihoods and poverty faced by young people in these schools. The two felt a deep call to impact the lives of young people positively the best way they knew how, through their God-given talents.


Our Dream is to spark the rise of a generation of bold, young, go-getters, a generation of big dreamers who fearlessly create and achieve their dreams.


Our Mission is to ignite, inspire and motivate hope for the future in the hearts of young people through their dreams and aspirations.


A Cape Town based youth-led non-profit organization that empowers young people (13-25 years) to lead successful and purpose-driven lives through their dreams and aspirations.


Lusanda Gwayi    

Lusanda “Malusi” Gwayi

I am a worshipper by calling
an attorney by training, and
the CEO and Co-Founder of Dream Factory Foundation

"I am passionate about raising the next generation of youth leaders in Africa who dare to do the impossible."

Laurian Nortje    

Laurian “Laurizee” Nortje

I am an "encourager/inspirerer" if these are words I love to motivate and encourage.
I am a media creative by training (producer, scriptwriter and presenter)
I am a co-founder at Dream Factory Foundation

My passion is encouraging those without dreams to dream, through using my gift of encouragement and creativity. To make sure the hopeless know their infinite power through spreading the wonderful secrets I have learnt along the journey.

Christelle Atibia    

Christelle “Chris” Atibia

My calling is to do good
I am a Financial Advisor by training
I am the “go-to” person for all things Dream Factory Foundation
I am passionate about social entrepreneurship and youth development.

Sithembele Lavisa    

Sithembele “Stem” Lavisa

I am a servant of God by calling,
An agent of change by training,
A Youth Facilitator at Dream Factory Foundation
I am passionate about spreading love and compassion in this world,
I live to serve the will of my Lord “Jesus”.

Omer Tshipamba    

Omer Tshipamba

I am a rapper by calling,
A Graphic Designer by training and
A creative at Dream Factory Foundation.

I am passionate about inspiring young musicians all around the world to #BeTheDream and never lose faith.

Seipati Titipana    

Seipati "Smartie" Titipana

My calling is to help people in whichever way I can.
People easily open up to me, without even me asking them anything sometimes.

I am a writer and an aspiring film maker by training.
I am a Creative at Dream Factory Foundation.

I am passionate about making an impact on a young African child being a success, especially young girls, through inspiring words and motion pictures.

Rifqa Paka    

Rifqa "Q" Paka

I am an extension of the supernatural by calling,
A revolutionary in training.

I take care of our “Young Creators” at Dream Factory Foundation.

I am passionate about restructuring the mind, about creation and creative expression. I am passionate about Africa(ns) rising - Africa rises with youth being uplifted one at a time.