OMER TSHIPAMBA, class of 2015

  • Matriculated from Maitland High School in 2015
  • His first single was downloaded over 20 000 times in one week
  • Is a graphic designer at Dream Factory Foundation

Before Omer got in contact with Dream Factory Foundation he attempted suicide because he was continuously bullied at school. Fortunately, the bark of the tree he used to hang himself broke and his attempt failed.

In 2014 he wrote a “dream letter” to us after our Roadshow in Maitland High, explaining that his dream is to be a professional rapper.

“A few months later I got a reply. It wasn't what I expected. I expected to be called up for a studio session but it was a letter encouraging me to trust in God.”

After that studio session my life started changing. I grew up musically, spiritually, mentally and physically. 2016 saw me releasing my first single titled SHAKA ZULU.”

Shaka Zulu was downloaded over 20,000 times in one week, which is an amazing achievement for an upcoming artist. Since then he has been performing live in places such as Stellenbosch University, Ikasi Experience, Hectic Nine 9, GoodHope FM and on school roadshows with Dream Factory Foundation.

“The track opened doors for me; I really thank God for Dream Factory Foundation. A small dream letter brought me this far through Christ. More and more tracks are coming. And my dream is becoming a reality.”


GUINEVER MEYER, class of 2015

  • Matriculated from Gardens Commercial High School in 2015
  • Received a bursary from Nonala Productions in partnership with Dream Factory Foundation
  • Is currently studying Sound Engineering at the Academy of Sound Engineering

In 2010, Gunievere was diagnosed with a brain tumor. By that time, she was in grade 7, but instead of being at school, spent that time in hospitals. She therefore did not complete Primary School but was accelerated into High School. The doctors told her that things would slip out of her mind and she would not be able to memorize many things.

“I was really de-motivated because of what the doctors said. I knew it would be harder for me in school than for others and didn’t see a point to going to school.”

She then decided to motivate herself through praying. Throughout High School she realized that she had to be persistent and determined to make her dreams come true.

Her first contact with Dream Factory Foundation was in grade 10 through a writing competition which included a R10 000 bursary to study further and attend an exclusive media event at the SABC organized by Nonala Poductions. Guinevere participated and was the overall winner. The bursary prize made it possible for Guinevere to register at the Academy of Sound Engineering after her matriculation at Gardens Commercial School, a dream she thought was impossible because her parents did not have the financial means for her to study beyond high school.

After her diploma Guinevere wants to work in audio post production.

“What I have been through made me see, that life is too short to waste opportunities.” .


JIMMY C. CANDRICKS, class of 2014

  • Matriculated from Y2K College in 2013
  • A final year student at CPUT Film School
  • Is a freelance editor who also does projects for Dream Factory Foundation

When Jimmy finished his matric he did not know in which direction he should go in life.

“Before Dream Factory Foundation, I was being exposed to the real world without any plans or direction of where to go after matric. All I had was an idea but no one to turn to.”

That is when Dream Factory Foundation intervened and offered him a six-month internship in 2014. During that internship he got to know the world of filming and media, which helped him to discover his passion, develop a short-to-medium term plan; as well as enhance his personal development skills. After his internship he was aceepted into CPUT to study Film and Video Technology.

“During my internship, I learnt about media, editing and camera work; which helped me to be ahead of peers during my first year in film school and ever since then I’ve been 2 steps ahead in class.”

After his program, Jimmy wants to work in the film industry as an editor, director or in cinematography as well as run his own production company.


There are so many other dreamers that need your help. A little gesture from you can make a dream come true.